I’ve been missing quite a lot from the blog, and there’s a reason why.

In the last trimester when I was pregnant with Noe, I started to think more about what I wanted to do with my life. I think I was going through some sort of quarter life crisis and also feeling a little weary of my life as a SAHM. I was getting anxious to help bring the bacon home since now we’ve 2 kids and I was wanting to inch a little closer to my dreams, my destiny. When Noe came along, I also had more time to think during the long nights and quiet times in the mornings as she is a peaceful baby.

And so after many years, I’ve decided to move on from this blog to create something uniquely my own, to continue inching towards that dream, that destiny that has been placed in my heart. I’m happy for Rach that she has found something of her own and she will still continue blogging on PebbleJOY.  As for me, I will be blogging somewhere else. It’s still under construction though and I’m excited even in the midst of these baby steps. ImageIt’s going to be a glorious year!