i’ve been hoping to have a meaningful day spent at the venue where it all started 8 years ago and so planning started having that in mind. it’d be great if we can camp out near the beach where we were facing as we were exchanging the vows but given my state now, comfort is pretty much necessary. i booked us a night’s stay at the changi village hotel, keeping it totally under wraps till the very last moment.

the staycation as you could call it, turned out to be a 3-in-1: my personal retreat, wedding anniversary celebration & babymoon 2 (we had babymoon 1 at langkawi for 4D3N). the sil was to arrive at about 5+pm to take over the childminding on a Friday. i scooted off in the early afternoon to check in, thinking that i should, to make full use of the deal since the check-in time is 2pm & also to set things up a lil’, you know candles, unpack & all..then it occurred to me that i should also take this opportunity to have a personal retreat (i had been dying to get away to somewhere near since last nov!!). and so i chilled out at the hotel, roaming around, checking out eateries & interesting shops nearby, had the whole pool to myself, lounged at the deck chair, overlooking nature & a vast sky, communed with God, took a nap in the room & got everything set up for the surprise.

met the husb for dinner after he could get off, no fanciful romantic restaurant, or café for dessert thereafter but we had a very hearty meal at the hawker with refreshing coconut drink & retro pineapple drink. took a stroll with chilly seabreeze along the boardwalk, tried to start a mini bonfire with nachos roasting marshmallows but the wind was too strong. O well, but we had this quiet contentment to be able to spend such precious alone time, taking an unhurried stroll, hand-in-hand. to the husb’s surprise, he found out that we were staying the nite out when he thought we were gonna take a bus home. and hey peeps, mind you, its our 1st spending the entire nite out, just the 2 of us, after more than 5 years!!!

next morning, i wanted to catch the sunrise together, so i woke the husb up at about 630 (which is already late!). he struggled to get up, joking about why is this stay not a free & easy one but that we had to rush to catch the tour bus for some city tour (as a matter of fact, there was a city tour under this deal but i didn’t bother). we missed the break of dawn, and it was pretty cloudy, so we didn’t exactly catch the sunrise & i was a tad disappointed. but we practically had the whole beach to ourselves, and just enjoying each other’s company even though we were just sitting side by side, sleepily silent. and there were the spectacular seaview & some rays of sunrise to soak in too.
sunset 2

no huge spread of hotel breakfast buffet, but an early brekkie of fragrant nasi lemak back at the hawker centre & sharing a cup of warm bubbling teh alia (milk tea with ginger) made our stomachs very happy & hearts very fuzzy. and just before we headed away from the beach for that, we spotted an egg-yolky sun peeping out from the clouds, it was so cute & i was as happy as a dolphin as the husb planted a kiss at side of my head.

16 years of friendship, 8 years of marriage, i still can’t believe that i have this wonderful man as the closest person in my life. and it is amazing that i can still fall in love with him over and over again, and love him more now than ever.