found this 5-star much raved about recipe on allrecipes.com, looks easy, I’ve got all the ingredients available & don’t need to use the electric mixer. I’ve made them twice already within weeks. the 2nd time round was even better than the 1st, with some changes of my own, which i’m very proud of!

for the batter, changes I made:
5 bananas, small ones though.
3/4 cup plain flour & the rest spelt flour
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
added some soya milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, multigrains with pumpkin seeds & raisins

for the crumb toppings, changes I made:
slightly less than 1/3 cup of brown sugar mixed with blackstrap molasses
spelt flour (i used more than 2 tbsps, added along to make it more like coarse as it seems too wet & sticky initially)
added some ground almond

loved by all in the family, the husb announced this the best muffin he ever, ever had. 😀