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on 1 mar, I had a 2-in-1 celebration: celebrating my birthday & celebrating the impending birth of the bun in the oven. for the 1st time in my adult life, I had someone planned a party for me, with decorations hanging in my house (1st time my house’s got decorated too!). I felt like a kid, grinning from ear to ear & feeling much loved. a fellow sahm, H, whom i befriended at the playground & had since become a dear friend in a very short time, decided she should so blessed me with such a kind gesture.

and look at the glorious spread she’s lovingly prepared! the berries contributed by C…
high tea

check out the 2 special items! H carved a watermelon baby stroller loaded with fruits & M did a bread-strawberries-marshmellows bouquet, how creatively sweet!
special items

we did a ‘how well do you know rach’ quiz over food & drinks. it was such a hilarious time full of laughter. we also had people giving names for the bun & me voting which I might like best. oh, I didn’t mention that this is the 1st baby shower I ever had, never attended one & never had one.

gifts & books brought by the groupie 😉

I chanced upon belly painting on the internet sometime back & thought it’d be cool for my belly to be painted. after all, this might (only might) be my last pregnant belly. it was crazy fun!! the bun was majorly moving about during the painting!
belly painting

I love this series of shots W took of me with my painted belly

my belly artists

it was a cosy groupie, with my core group of support (one member missing, we miss you J!). these friends are my pillar of support in all of life’s and motherhood’s joys, struggles, tears, laughter & sorrows. I go to this group whenever I need to rant, vent, share, laugh, discuss, joke & they’re there for me, always.

O how I love this group, I called them ‘friends to grow old with’ 😀