my 1st aqua aerobics class & my 1st ‘proper’ exercise since a bun was discovered in my oven. it was such a new experience & such fun! having done kickboxing for some years, and having been quite an avid sportsperson, i must say my coordination in general is pretty good. but the 1st 2 sessions of aqua aerobics brought out the clumsiness that i never knew i had! my legs & arms & hands are flailing all over, like they ceased to be mine! i’m not sure whether its got anything to do with the fact that I’ve a huge tummy at the moment but oh, aqua aerobics is not as easy & relaxing as it seems. there is quite abit of workout done there!

but still it was fun and after 3 sessions, i’m getting the hang of it & have more control over my own limbs again, yay! my favourite time during that 1hr was with the pool noodle & its the 1st time i’m using one & i didn’t know these fellows are so buoyant & so much fun! i could just wrap one around me & float all my cares away like this:

part of the fun at this class is also the fact that i’m surrounded by all these golden, fun ladies (picture below are lookalikes only) who chat, joke & laugh during the entire class, obviously enjoying themselves tremendously
oh, and i’m the only preggie around & i’m the youngest too..aqua

these ladies are so warm & friendly that they made me feel like they’ve known me for sometime at the 1st session. and from the 2nd session on, i realised they’ve been curious about me, started asking me questions like how old i am, why am i here (one commented that i look too young to be here!), ask what race i am (obviously they were discussing & wondering & i think many lost their bets to find out that i’m chinese & not malay), and many also lost their bets that i’m expecting my 2nd instead of 1st since i look so young, and they even exclaimed when they found out my 1st kid is already 5. they also asked if i’m expecting a girl or boy and wished that its a girl since i already have a boy & wondered if i’ll be disappointed if its gonna be another boy. also heard them commenting how nice & smooth my belly looks…they are such a hilarious bunch!

i look forward to the session each week, to get some muscles stretched, benefits of a workout for the bun, & getting comic relief from these wonderful ladies. i walk some distance to the pool very early in the morning (like 730!), so some lovely quiet time with the LORD, marvelling at the beautiful colors of sky, sun, trees, flowers, birds & leaves. and after each session, i feel so great & energised that i can take on the world!!