the bun is in a pretty awkward position at the moment, a rare position to be in actually, so I found out. anyways SB (oh i forgot to inform that the papa has given the bun a nickname since very early on – ‘skateboard’. don’t ask me how that came about, it just did & we’ve been calling the bun skateboard since). so anyways SB seems very happy lying in an oblique position, like you know floating instead of being upright or upside down, something like this:
footling breech

so you can imagine sometimes when SB decided to stretch out, my belly stretches to a weird oblong shape, horizontally…and that can be a tad uncomfortable but sometimes its funny how one side (where the bum is) pops up. SB must be doing bum-lifts exercises!

the more common breech position is like this, where the bum is at the cervix:

so SB’s position now is called an oblique footling breech, where one foot or both feet are facing down. the danger of this breech is that if I am to go into labour, the amniotic fluid will quickly flow out because there’s not much stoppage in this position as in the case if the head or the bum is down. well, we’re trying to avoid me going into labour since we’ve decided on elective caesarean (yes, we did. why? I need to write a separate post on that).

so orders from the doc is no shopping, rest more now & instead of choosing the 2nd week of apr for the op, safer to push up to the 1st week, the latest date being 7th, so peeps, I’ve only exactly 1 more month to go before the bun pops out!! I need to finish doing all the decluttering, preparation, sewing, organising, cleaning, planning, reading – ah the mysterious nesting instincts……feeling the heat now as the bun’s getting ready to be out of the oven!! *@*