while it took me more than 5 years to write down my 1st birth story, I didn’t expect that for the 2nd birth story, I could write it so soon…before the birth even happens.. nope, I have not popped yet and yes, i’m writing the 1st part of SB’s birth story..

so it seems that technically I was in labour last friday. I had a scheduled gynae appointment on that day. prior to that, I started experiencing braxton hicks for about 2 days, which seemed to increase in intensity & frequency. braxton hicks they were, or so I thought. just the night before my appointment, they seemed pretty regular, frequent & intense, so I thought I better check with the gynae. she sent me for an hour ct scan, but only 1/2 hr into it, she came, looked at the chart & said to me, “oh, you’re having contractions every 6 mins, you’re actually at the start of labour, since you’re here already, i’ll do it for you today la.” then she checked when I last ate, and announced we’ll do it around 2pm, told the nurse to brief us on the admission & off she went, saying, “O so exciting, we’ll see if you’re having a baby boy or baby girl”

in the morn when I told the husb about the ‘braxton hicks’, we were joking that maybe today is the day since we’re heading to the hospital for the gynae visit anyways..when the doc left the room, we both burst out laughing, remembering the joke..but my laugh immediately turned to choking, and I started crying. I don’t even know exactly why I cried, even as the husb stroked me & asked whats wrong. maybe it was too sudden, I wasn’t prepared at all, though we joked about it. or even maybe it seemed so surreal or maybe dejavu, flashback of what the 1st gynae said to me after pushing the kid out for an hour with no success, “sorry darling, I think we need to have an emergency c-sect”, the sudden & horrific news!!

the husb went to get the gynae back, and when she saw my tears, she said, “my dear, don’t need to be stressed, don’t be upset, i’m not in a hurry to cut you up, its ok if you want to wait, we can wait if you can endure the pain, ok?”

so she left us to think & discuss about it. in short, I just wanted some time to calm my nerves & maybe have the op much later in the evening instead of the afternoon, because I thought i’m already in labour, how can I not have the baby today right? but the husb thinks its too rushed, i’m not in a calm state of mind. and he thinks since the doc said we can wait & see, lets just head home 1st. at least we can take our time, even if we have to come back to the hospital again later on the same day or the next day, that’s just better. he thinks it’s really important I feel calm & at peace about this, otherwise it’ll affect the baby, the op itself & the recovery after that. which I agree.

and i’m really glad we chose to come home. as bizarre an experience as it sounds, but the contractions slowly died off after we came home, and the following day, there were only once or twice I felt some cramp-like discomfort, nothing intense…

i’m definitely much more relaxed now as I chillaxed at home, taking it easy, getting the remaining stuffs ready for SB. and if I were to go into real labour anytime now, I know i’ll be at a calmer state of mind & my heart is more prepared.

all I can say is God knows my heart & mind best.  God’s timing is da best. 😀