this is a sight that hasn’t been for a loooooooong time in our house, from the pot of plant by the  window – like for at least 5-6 years.


many times we thought of discarding the plant (actually me), but the husb wants to keep it & has been faithfully, tirelessly watering EVERY SINGLE DAY. and lo and behold!! it finally bloomed!! *excited gasssspsssss

and guess what, the tiny bud appeared during the same 1st week after the lil’ bubs came home from the hospital – new life begets new life! the sweet plant decides to bloom to welcome the bubs, how nice! and here’s the precious new life during the 2nd week

and this was me the day before the birth – mind blowing to know that this huge miracle with tiny perfect features came out from that ball of belly of my small frame.