I started the kid on sewing, check out the look of concentration in trying to thread the needle. he didn’t have much difficulty going through the eye with his excellent fine motor skills. a very basic skill – to sew buttons on. so that when any of his buttons dropped out, he won’t need to throw stuffs for me (or his future wife) to help him or he wouldn’t wear clothes that have buttons missing. I have foresight right, I know.


such fine workmanship for a first time eh? 😀 *proud mama beaming*


a long time back, I put some beads in a small container for the kid to string together when he got interested after seeing me doing accessories with a friend. its something he goes back to occasionally when he needed some down time…

beading 2

gee, he can make pretty accessories for his ol’ mama, future wife, or future daughter, ah such foresight once again!!


to be honest, there’s an ulterior motive behind this, simply so I can have some quiet moments, some moments where the kid could sit still, be calm & quiet, just some quiet stuffs he can do.

but of course, im aiming to raise my boys to be all rounded. to be able to step into the kitchen & cook up a feast, to be able to keep the house clean & tidy, to be able to handle needles, threads & sewing machines. to be good in the rough & tumble and also good in the delicate, nimble stuffs. O yeah ;P