when the baby is young, he’s okay with anyone carrying him. but there comes a stage when he starts to recognise familiar faces, develops awareness of strangers & decides to stick to people he has spent the last few months with, to people he has developed trust in & whom he has found security in. so, at this stage, he cries when all other people except the closest people carry him. and what’s wrong with that?

in fact, aren’t all those very good things? the baby is gaining awareness, forming secure attachments, developing relationships with people he trusts & conscious of stranger danger. I heard of some babies who are ultimate sociable, who are happy with anyone carrying him/her. that’s totally cool. but my baby is my baby, if he cries when another carries him, that does not mean he is not sociable, not friendly, that does not mean he is a picky, or a difficult baby. and no, I am not suffering because my baby chooses to only want me to carry. and i’m totally okay if I can’t even take a break because my baby doesn’t want anyone else to carry.

because he has the right to choose. because it is good for him to choose to attach to the people closest to him, for now. because it is for this very short time that he will choose only for me to carry. and I will treasure this time.