in a flash, the lil’ bun has turned 6 months.
a face new to the world, feet that has not touched the ground
safe in the swaddle, while adapting to the world outside of the womb during the 1st month
sb 2

such big bright eyes, smooth tiny balls of toesy, funky spiky hair, 2nd month has a routine somewhat established. lil’sb was getting used to the world around him (aka family)
sb 3

this lil’guy flipped just before he turned 3 months! charming, heart-melting smiles all day everyday made the 3rd month zoomed by so quickly.
sb 4

he sleeps well, plays well, enjoys bathtimes, and becoming chubby at 4 months. oh and he is an ultra drool machine & loves his tasty muffins (his fingers) to no end
sb 5

5 months – delightful giggles, pensive moments at times, getting not very fond of snoozin’ cos of all the exciting things to discover!
sb 6

6 months – all sorta funny sleep patterns, loves to be on the floor, loves splashing in the bathtub & having showers, sounds of chuckling & babbling & squeaking so sweet to the ears (oh, he can say “hey there”, “hi”, “ok”, and ‘w’ & ‘p’ sounds very often), spends a great deal of time bouncing on his rocker
sb 7

now onwards to 7 months, he’s a real delight in everyway, looking very intently at the food we eat & the way we eat (urgh, I haven’t got the time to start him on solids!!), loves his tasty toesy equally, so squashy & cuddly that I can snuggle him all day long
sb 8

still a baby, but I already missed the early infant days…O time flew by so fast, the lil’ bun is not so little anymore…so I hug him more, I cuddle him more, I hold him more and kiss him more.