about 3mths after the bubs was born, a friend texted me this:
“hey! i just realised something! you have to have another kid! and name him or her starting with E, then you will have G.R.A.C.E in your household!”
I replied her with a cartoon figure on the floor laughing, and she replied:
“wait..you have it all planned out already right? and its all in order, GRACE”
I gave her a gleeful looking cartoon figure and she said, “man, you guys are soooo insightful”

so funny la this friend E, I asked her if its one of her random thoughts, she said, “not technically random, was brainstorming some names..and then EUREKA! I saw the light of grace! hahaha”

I told her she’s very clever to discover that, she said she knows but we’re cleverer, wahahah. E never fails to bring delight & amusement for me with random text msgs & things she discovers or reports/updates/promotes (even though I dun wish to know hurhur).

why she said GRACE because G is the husb, R is mua, A is the kid, C is the baby. so according to her, I need to have another baby to name E. that might just happen. because if the baby had turned out to be a girl (we kept the gender a surprise), we had a name for her which starts with E!! spooky I know!! the kid’s been telling me we have to have another baby too & is praying very hard for a sister. well, if God wills. that might just happen.