I’ve been quite a environmentalist since not sure when, trying my best to reduce, reuse, recycle as best as I could. then I had a kid and the environmentalist in me had to slide pretty much, with the use of diapers, wet wipes, tissues, more use of water, electricity, etc. sighs.

I mean, we do put in some efforts you know, the usual separating whatever we can recycle to different bags. but I’m determined to do more than just that. so these are the project/practices I’ve started on.

1. cloth diapers
ah, they definitely don’t add to the landfill of garbage for sure. yes, there’s more usage of water but think the benefits outweigh, plus I don’t think I use up much more water, I use the baby’s bath water for soaking (aha reuse!). and I wash the baby’s bum instead of using wipes, double yay. but but, this adds physical strain, esp. as the baby grows heavier! anyhows, the baby looks irresistibly cute in these diapers, so that’s a huge plus gee ;P
cloth diaper

2. DIY room scents
the house’s not been smelling great lately with the construction just next to us. more so with smells of regurgitated milk, food spills/stains, soiled diapers, soiled sheets/cloths/clothings, stuffed rubbish bags, etc. so I searched for diy room scents and found this. and started letting my house smells a little nicer. I’ve tried 3 different concoctions so far.
diy scents
1st pic: rosemary leaves + lemons + vanilla essence
2nd pic: orange + rosemary leaves + lime
3rd pic: orange + jasmine flowers?? (saw them pretty at the indian store) +  ginger
hmm, think I like the 2nd concoction best so far…I’ve got some lavender tea leaves that have expired, am looking forward to use that for the next concoction!

3. cleaning solution
chanced upon garbage enzyme more than a year ago, actually embarked on making my 1st batch but as the 3months fermentation process was up, I was pregnant with the baby & highly sensitive (aka puke-able) to smells (and sometimes sights). I daren’t even look at it. so I asked the husb to chuck it. recently, this idea was brought to mind again & so ta-da!
garbage enzyme
this thing really intrigues me, I mean c’mon, turning your garbage into something so useful & so necessary in our daily lives! 1st photo: mainly watermelon skin, apple peel, some vegetable scraps, with blackstrap molasses. 2nd photo: mainly papaya skin, pear peel, kiwi peel, vegetable scraps, with brown sugar. oh I added in some of the expired lavender tea leaves. I shall update on this 3 months down the road! *squeals*

so these 3 are my main effortful, bigger attempts of living a greener, natural lifestyle. other small efforts are using more cloths, hankies instead of wet wipes, tissue paper, making rattles & shakers for the baby using vitamin bottles & sweets containers, the usual separating stuffs for the recycling bins, reusing water if possible.

well, not as hardcore an environmentalist as i’d like to be, as some days (many days actually, opps) when i’m dead bushed, I use wet wipes, tissues, disposable diapers, etc. but I think I shall focus on the positive efforts im putting in.

little effort goes a long way ;D