this year cny I made this to bring for reunion lunch & dinner:

avocado chocolate pudding!
avo choc pudding

S sent me this recipe cos i’m a crazy avocado fan though not much of a choc fan, but of course the love of the superpower fruit trumps over. and it came in timely (thanks S!!) cos I was scratching my head of what I could make this year considering the tired mind & body, and this looks so easy, hearty & healthy. I did it with the very gleeful preteen kid who kept wanting to dig into the choc with his finger, and repeatedly mumbled, ‘oooooooo, chocolate’ (obviously a huge choc fan). well, it was really easy but cos we made up a huge quantity, so dealing with the avo took a long while with the cutting, de-seeding & scooping, 6 in total! I added chopped strawberries & sprinkled icing sugar on top to try to balance the strong taste of cocoa & of course to beautify it.

its creamy alright, but the cocoa taste is just too overpowering for my liking, and I can hardly taste any hint of avo which is actually the point. great for choc-loving people like the son, but not for avo-lover like me, gee. but whatever the case is, yay for healthy dessert, esp one with a superfood!