the fun family hasn’t exactly done anything very fun for quite awhile now, things have been crazy mad, last week was like really over the hill & mountain. so last weekend, we decided to break the madness & did something fun

a bicycle event, we weren’t pinning much hopes for it. we wanted to take a good fun family walk to the park, by the river, and just swing by the event to take a look. and heyheyhey, it was as fun as can be!

like a little girl, I went like, ‘ooooh, look at this, so cute! ooooh, look at that, way cool! ah check this out, wahahahah! for sometime, I was just standing by the side ooooh-ing & ahhhhh-ing, feeling very excited, but kept wondering if I should put myself out there in the ‘limelight’ and possibly embarrassing myself, if i’m daring enough to try the bikes. But just as the husb said we had seen enough & should move ahead, Ii just couldn’t leave, battling if I should embarrass myself or just do it. in the end, the better side won, its not an everyday opportunity that I get. so with a squeak in my voice, I said to the husb, “can i try can i try can i try?!”

these are the various novelty bikes at the event, they’re all pretty old, and mostly donated by the kids/families in NZ
novelty bikes

sadly I didn’t get to try all of them, but I tried a few cool ones, which i’m very happy about, there’s only a precious 20mins duration ;D here were the bikes I managed to get my hands (and feet!) on.

I dunno what this is called, some road smoother/sweeper thingy kinda bike?

a recumbent bike. just lean back & ride away

this bike is so cuteeee and so fun to ride! you’re gonna look cute (aka clownish) when you ride on it. my legs spread out like a frog, and I had to pedal really fast to keep it going. it was hilarious, I was laughing & giggling non-stop while riding & trying to keep my balance. yes, embarrassment totally gone with the wind.

penny farthing!! I so wanted to try but look at that size!! bleah & boohoo…

small chopper, very old school. IMG-20150524-WA0008
but I lost my balance on it when I tried to get off because I forgot its got a huge handle at the back of the saddle & my leg hit against it & I fell & got a badly bruised, swollen scrapped knee, boo

the real chopper bike, hurhur, cool biker girl huh?

I’ve also tried the steppers bike, I couldn’t get it going for awhile, but I managed to learn & gain my balance and got it going for a short distance. such accomplishment before my precious 20mins was up, yay yay

wow, it was short but I felt alive, I felt like a lil’ girl again, free & adventurous, fun & without a care of the world. it felt great to throw inhibitions outta window, I felt great trying new things. its been a while, my happy contented self, how I miss you.