many soulful chitchats with the kid happened on the bus (such as this). and that hasn’t happened for sometime since he started P1. last thursday was his last day of school for this term and we had a long journey back home after dinner at the beach. he was in a great mood for chitchatting. but I was dead beat from the week’s schedule. I was so inclined to tell him I need to snooze on the journey. the flesh was so weak. but the mind was battling hard (I know, lotsa battles going on, daily, moments…). he has been so ‘pre-teensie’ lately, and it was one of those rare moments that he wants to chitchat. and seriously, I miss those soulful chats on bus journeys. I wanted to hold tight this opportunity & not let it slipped away. i’m very glad I did.

it was a more than an hour journey, with almost a semicircle moon following us on the way home, we chatted away. chatted about school, about his friends, about interesting things that happened in school, about my schooldays, about my childhood, about God, and about many other stuffs.

the kid brought up how great-grandpa might die soon cos he’s so old but it’s ok cos then he’ll be with God, n be given a new body. Then he asked me about something which I can’t rem what (I was sleepy rem?), to which I said something like I’m not sure, I’ll ask God when I see Him. Then I carried on to tell him I’ve got many many questions I thot of asking God when I meet Him face-to-face, and he replied, “I have many presents to give to God when I see Him, one present I already gave to Him, which is my heart la”. I was stumped hearing that…im like wow..and it got me thinking through the night.

I was so humbled. i should be preparing many many presents, not many many questions for God..thank you, son. thank you, God. and thank you God, for my son.