when we first started dating as poor undergraduates, the husb & i often shared simple meals of bread & ham (but that was also because we love bread). a good friend once commented how endearing that sight was, to share just a humble meal.

as we started working & had earning powers, we saw many days of fine dining, and trying different food places..

even after we had our first child, with me gone off work, there were still quite many a day of fine dining (no, we don’t eat like royalty but the general restaurant fare, but of cos quite a fair bit of hawker, coffeeshops too cos we love them).

as we entered into our 10th year of marriage, with our 2nd child, and with the husb not been in full time work for over 2yrs, we’re back to our humble meals, very often.

this year january, we celebrated the tin anniversary (i like the description). no fancy meal, no elaborated effort, no special celebration. just 2 tired soulmates shared 2 cups of new flavors cup noodles at supper, after the kids have long retreated to bed

things’ been rough, but so much to be thankful for. thankful i could share a humble supper with the love of my life. thankful that we have food on the table. thankful that even after 17years of being together, a simple touch on the hair still send butterflies to my stomach, and sharing a simple meal at home can still be endearing.

thankful that we’ve stuck to each other & still sticking to each other for poorer, richer, and poorer.