things have been getting crazier, more so than ever. hopefully I get more time to sit to be able to write about it. but for now, just a short post on a birthday cake I baked, and so thankful that I could squeeze out that bit of time to bake for a loved one, with the p1 kid. killed 2 birds, win-win.

so the beloved nephew turned 14, such tall manly man now with leg hairs, armpit hairs, deep voice & all. it seems like not too long ago, he was this small

lil jh

// now, the very tall young man (whom we affectionately named ‘lil ‘jh’) just hates having his pictures taken. so I snapped a picture of the cake I lovingly baked for him, with his hands & shirt at the background. coke cake

// like a very moist yummy choc mousse cake, you’d guess. the loving key ingredient in it is cocoa-cola, nephew’s fav soda. easy bake, fuss-free, quick bake. while everyone said its not bad, though they can’t really taste the coke, I am so not very pleased with the taste & texture of it. and dang, the key ingredient which is the all important one, can’t really taste, its a failed attempt in my view, but I shall try again! anyways, here’s the recipe if you’re interested