last friday was announced no school as the haze was real bad…

our spirits refused to be crushed and we set out to not be bored down by the haze who caved us in our homely holes. and we had tonnes of fun as we hide out in our only-room-with-air-conditioner-master bedroom.

the kid had packed up some bags last week, wanted to make a trip to japan. so we jumped on the bed (aka car & also airplane), and played car games, read books, sang & just mugged around. it was winter in japan by the way, hence the jackets & sweaters. there was some impromptu swimming too in the icy lake.
home japan trip// also went to the zoo after we reached japan. and in between feeding some animals, we did some vegetable painting (which I cut out the night before as I was preparing ingredients for lunch on this day). veg paintingand when the lil’ bun decided that painting himself & on paper was quite enough, and found greater delight in plonking the vegetable in & fishing ém out of the bottle of water, I put him in the bathroom, and let him did that to his heart’s content 🙂   IMG_6614 such great is a day with no timing to adhere to, nowhere to rush to, and just taking time spending time together.//