i’m not exactly the best of me, recently. snappy, irritable, exhausted, exasperated, stressed, frustrated…generally,  just deflated.

brought the kiddos to a really crowded (x10) place to participant in an event the older kid was invited to (more on that, if I find the time & energy). which always guarantee to bring stress level up several, several notches. yeah, we parents just like to torture ourselves, can’t help it.

after battling with hordes of people, many inconsiderate & non-civic, then headaches, then being irritatingly snappy with the ever-demanding children (I hate hearing my own snappy voice!). we managed to find an oasis, plonked our tired butts on the ground, and munched away whatever scraps of food left for dinner, while basking in the beautiful sunset. while trying to be ‘sarcastic’ (non-intentional) after getting umpteen requests for something, I found myself amused by myself, after saying, “you guys think I have like 20 hands!” So I burst into laughter, and the kiddos followed suit. such a great change in atmosphere hence. and we just continued to joke about how I look like to them, and I just had to draw it out.

alien mama

so apparently, the mama here has several hands, feet, eyes, mouths, etc. and also has the special power of multiplying herself.

whereas the papa? a normal being, has only 1 pair of eyes, 1 pair of ears, hands, etc.

ah. right. no wonder.