i went on a baking frenzy during the last month of 2015, getting geared up perhaps, after baking a 5-tier rainbow birthday cake for the kid’s 7th birthday.

first, I baked these 40mins yummy babies, I didn’t use a bread machine, I didn’t even use a dough mixer. everything in one bowl, about 40mins, poof! I have heavenly yeasty aroma of homemade cranberry cheese buns permeating my home ;D
40mins buns then, I made this crazy chocolate cake, also all in one bowl! I added lemon zest on top, used apple cider vinegar instead. I whipped the frosting too much though, bleah, but it’s still nice, moist & rich! crazy choc cake

next up is christmas spiced star cookies (I didn’t have vanilla, I used mixed spices instead, nice taste but a lil’hard for my weak teeth though) for neighbours. surprised 2 neighbours in my neighbourhood with these cookies. 1 was for the neighbour right across the next block, same floor, same unit. the kids waited in anticipation everyday for the lights on their Christmas tree to light up (we don’t have one). so I went across on Christmas day and thanked them for bringing smiles to my kids’ faces with their lights everyday. another was for this ground floor neighbour at the next block who has huge figurines of ducks, swans & elephants outside their unit. the toddler loves to walk by them, and always happy to see them.
star cookies last bake of the year was this log cake hastily put together for a late notice family gathering. again, I didn’t get the frosting right, urgh. so the log cake looks somewhat mushy instead of ‘loggy’. still, it was quite impressive I thought for a 1st attemptlog cake

yup, I went mad with baking. and I was pretty proud of myself.