About Rachael & Becky

Reb & Rach

Rach – The sister-in-law & Becky – The sister of Rach’s husband.

We’re blog sharing, blogging together, reading blogs together because we share similar values and interests. Because we know how life can be tough, how tough it can be to fulfill our roles. Yet, there’re so many things we can be thankful for, that we can take joy in; that there’re so many reasons to celebrate life. We hope to jot down many pebbles of moments to remind us of the big picture.

About Rach (by Becky)
the beach 3
I’m an organised and scheduling freak. Every sentence must start and end with good punctuation. Even my paragraphs must be equal in length. However, that kind of life gets tiring and stressful after a while, it’s just not sustainable. Especially with a kid right now who changes everyday, you’ve gotta give and take a little. Rach inspires me and motivates me with her spontaneity and never say die attitude. Her little bits of “messiness” (to me) here and there (not cleanliness but way of life – she’s even more clean than me), helps me to put some perspective into my life. I hope by writing a blog together, what she writes gives some sanity, some excitement, some craziness, a personal touch to what I’m writing too 🙂

About Becky (by Rach)
About Becky
Becky and I are a classic example of opposites attract. She’s highly meticulous & likes to plan ahead. I’m a lil’ more haphazard & likes to do things on the spur of the moment. She’s very techy (she does all the techy stuffs on the blog) & i’m totally an IT idiot. She whines easily & gets upset easily, traits that usually get on my nerves, but for some magical reason, with her, i’m totally fine. She may appear aloof or AS (anti-social) at times but she has a great heart for people, sometimes even willing to making sacrifices to meet the needs of others. I’ve been amazed at her resilience, tenacity & a high threshold of pain. Her teachability & faithfulness in doing the things (sometimes even if they’re outta her comfort zone) are perhaps the traits that make her most endearing.


3 thoughts on “About Rachael & Becky”

  1. It’s so amazing that you are sisters in law and share a blog. It must be a wonderful friendship you share. Wow. Thanks for a peek into your lives and sharing about parenting!

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