everyone, meet bluebear, the tot’s favourite playmate currently

its tot’s 1st bear, given by my mum all the way from US when he’s about 2mths old, he wasn’t very much into it then, often cast at the end of his cot.
bluebear 6

his fav toy then was this moose called mortimer, whom he often chatted with & whispered secrets to

so these days, the tot does alot of things with bluebear, sometimes he will put bluebear in the sitter balance & let bluebear rest
bluebear 4

you can find bluebear joining the tot for meals very frequently now, tot will ‘cook’ pasta (i gave him different sorts of uncooked pasta) in the pots & pans, sometimes leaving that bowl of pasta in the fridge, and then warming up in the microwave oven. tot will help bluebear says grace too before he starts feeding bluebear
bluebear 3

sometimes i will find bluebear standing at the ‘time-out corner’, one incident that happened recently went something like that:
tot: (held bluebear & made him jumped on the bed) bluebear, no jumping on the bed.
bluebear: (continued to jump)
tot: bluebear, no jumping on the bed, sit here, just sit here with asher.
bluebear: (continued to jump)
tot: ok bluebear, you gotta go out of the room now.
tot brought bluebear out to the time-out corner, came back to the room, then after awhile, went out to get bluebear & debriefed,
tot: bluebear, why are you in time-out? hmm?
bluebear: silence….
and they resumed their play. and the above scene was repeated a couple of times on & off during their play, it was hilarious to watch.
bluebear 2

the kiddo loves bluebear, he looks out for bluebear’s meals, takes pretty good care of bluebear, very delighted to play with bluebear, happy hugging bluebear to sleep, and just very contented to have bluebear around.               
bluebear 5